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Scotch Broom Workshop

This successful “Scotch Broom Pull” campaign drew 15 volunteers ranging in age from 20-65 for 3 days in June 2020, to Hillside Rd. in Happy Camp, CA.


Listos Emergency Fire Preparedness training continues as volunteers create defensible space using the Extractigators and BigFoot accessories (purchased with Pacific Power Foundation Grant Funds), and other hand clearing tools, volunteers cleared 17 tons of highly flammable scotch broom and brush from the overgrown hillside; creating defensible space, alleviating a visual hazard from a highly traveled blind corner on HWY 96 benefiting local residents and seasonal highway travelers.

Scotch broom is a highly flammable invasive fast-growing deciduous shrub. It has tear-shaped green leaves and beautiful bright yellow flowers that grow in clusters. Pulled out by the root to reduce spreading. It can overtake native plants and wildflowers.

A special thanks to the Pacific Power Foundation who made this defensible space event possible. To Listos for providing emergency preparedness training information, and to all our volunteers who made this event successful. Hope for Happy Camp and Neighbor Helping Neighbor celebrate you!


HfHC continues to raise awareness and make Happy Campers aware and prepare for wildland fires through Listos Emergency preparedness training events. Check out the references available at This emergency training information will get you, your family and friends prepared for different emergencies and possible evacuations.


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Safety Steps to Get Ready

1. Get Alerts:

2. Make a plan to protect your people and your animals.

3. Get to safety with things you need.

4. Stay safe at home when you can't leave.

5. Help friends and neighbors get ready.

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