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Creating A Fire Safe Community

Focused on building a thriving and sustainable community Hope for Happy Camp (HfHC) has taken a leadership role to educate and protect our community by creating defensible space. In 2019 HfHC began raising awareness of the clear and present danger of wildfire through Fire Preparedness Workshops facilitated by Karen Derry of Karuk Community Development Corporation (KCDC).  Guest speakers Regional Manager Monte Mendenhall and Melissa Nottingham of Pacific Power along with the Fire Safe Council, introduced their fire mitigation program to our community at our Community Fair. 

This leadership role forged a collaborative partnership between Happy Camp Community Action, Inc. (HCCA), a non-profit organization focused on supporting the health and stability of residents in the isolated western corner of Siskiyou County and our non-profit HfHC, focused on creating a Fire Safe Community by educating, engaging and encouraging neighbors to work together, take action and prevent losses while living in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) area. Working together will increase our success. HfHC and HCCA are co-hosting Scotch Broom Sweep Workshops (SBSW) at the Happy Camp Airport, at a parcel of land owned by the Karuk Tribe Housing Authority (KTHA) adjacent to Indian Meadows and at private residences around the community. These defensible space workshops are made possible by a Pacific Power Foundation Grant. 

Recently HfHC & HCCA were given another great cause for celebration as grant recipients of the Listos “Be Ready” Emergency Preparedness Campaign. This grant allows us to continue our goal of creating a Fire Safe Community. Engagements will include the rural communities along the mid-Klamath River either in person, by phone or email. The 5 steps of preparedness: Get Alerts, Make A Plan, Get To Safety, Have Supplies, Help Neighbors and Friends. How to create defensible space, to plan, be prepared and know how to respond in emergency situations; fire, evacuation, earthquake, flood and or public health emergencies. Check out our progress on the Happy Camp, CA Facebook page. 

HfHC is proud and honored to be collaborating with other community organizations and the Karuk Tribe, in building a Fire Safe Community.

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