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Neighbor Helping Neighbor (NHN)

"NHN" came about when Rita (HfHC President & local lodge owner) showed me a rental she was selling in town. I fell in love with this town, everything and everyone in it. Most people that live here are below the poverty level. I get that people will buy food over a dump run. What better way to involve the community to clean up our little town.


My husband Steve and I came up with "Bingo Night" to win a clean-up. It was a hit!! Rita named the event "Neighbor Helping Neighbor (NHN) and it took off.This town is doing it. We're doing it! People are excited about the clean ups. Individuals are givingboth monetary and time donations. Rita is a driving force."

Sara Saenz


In addition bingo and dinner fundraisers, NHN Committee is networking with Erik Haskell of Happy Camp Disposal Service and George Chambers of Happy Camp Land Fill Transfer Station, who provide trash pick-up and dumpsters at reduced rates. Willie oversees recycle. Volunteers like Rick Morrow and Neiko Robertson, assist bingo winners in clearing, cleaning, hauling trash, metal, debris and green waste. Approx. 1,407 yards of trash and debris, 20 yards of metal, a half a yard of green waste and an RV were cleared from ten local properties in 2019. Each property averages 3-9 volunteers who receive gift certificates from local businesses. Our recipients range from elders, welfare & disability families, residents of sub-standard housing, tribal members, hoarders, multiple family households and drug houses. NHN also received private donations over $1,500. 

In March of 2019, Doug Robinson of Bigfoot Towing teamed up with Chris Peet of North State Recycling and Monte Burchett of Downing Diversified to donate time and equipment to HfHC's "Car Crushing Event." This successful collaboration removed, towed and crushed 135 abandoned cars and trucks from town, along Indian Creek and the Klamath River cooridor. 

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